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Sky Mountain Park Trails Popular During Aspen’s Rainy Weather

Sky Mountain Park, located between Aspen and Snowmass Village, has become a popular destination for many mountain bikers during Aspen’s recent rainy weather. According to reports, nearly 2.5 inches of rain has already fallen this month, leaving many forest trails as water pools.

Luckily, Sky Mountain Park’s trail has several advantages that make it the perfect destination for mountain bikers, even during this wet time.

Sky Mountain Park’s trail network benefits from low elevation and good overall exposure to the sun. The specially designed trails are also designed to shed water. Add in quick-drying soil and you have the perfect combination for mountain bikers, even if it rains. John Wilkinson, a founding member of the Snowmass Village Trails Committee, states that, “They are virtually dry an hour or two after a deluge, it seems.” Continue reading Sky Mountain Park Trails Popular During Aspen’s Rainy Weather

Boogie's Diner

High Profile Aspen Building Being Sold to Developer

Boogie Weinglass, a 73-year old, is now closing up shop at his famous Aspen dine, “Boogie’s Diner.” Portrayed in the 1982 movie “Diner” by Mickey Rourke, Weinglass has been operating the second-floor diner for 28 years. The diner building was initially greeted by criticism from some Aspen residents who stated that it looked out of place. However, it quickly became an Aspen fixture and is famous for its decent prices, good burgers, healthy fare and even delicious and overly-generous milkshakes.
Continue reading High Profile Aspen Building Being Sold to Developer

Top Things to Do During Your Aspen Vacation

Things to do in Aspen
Things to do in Aspen

Aspen vacation rentals are a great choice year round. If you are going to Aspen for your next vacation there are many activities you can enjoy. One of the most popular pastimes in Aspen is skiing. Snowmass is Aspen’s most popular and largest ski area. It is located approximately 8 miles west of the city. Snowmass is a great choice because it offers more than 3,100 acres of highly skiable terrain. This includes 17 chair lifts and, for those who enjoy diversity, 88 different runs. Continue reading Top Things to Do During Your Aspen Vacation

Floating Restaurant in Aspen

A Floating Restaurant in Aspen?

new floating restaurant in Aspen CO
New Floating Restaurant in Aspen, CO

Rumor has it that developer Bil Dithigher has laid the foundation for achieving his great grandfather’s former vision of building and opening a restaurant on top of the West Aspen Mountain. While a restaurant atop a mountain sounds fabulous, Dithigher is taking it a step further. His vision for the new restaurant is that of an air ship that floats above the peak of the mountain fondly know as Shadow Mountain. Dithigher wants to dock the large air ship nearly 9,000 feet above Aspen, creating the city’s newest and most interesting hot spot. Sources say that Dithigher is discussing purchasing air space above the city for the new restaurant. Continue reading Floating Restaurant in Aspen

Aspen Offers New and Exciting Multi-Mountain Ski Pass

Ski-lovers around the globe have been celebrating after The Aspen Skiing Company, Jackson Hole, Squaw Valley, and Alta have announced a new season partnership pass for the four resorts in 2013. Soon skiers will be able to enjoy eight mountains within four resorts including Aspen, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk, Snowmass, Alta (within Utah), Jackson Hole (in Wyoming), Squaw Valley (near Tahoe), and Alpine Meadows (near Tahoe).

For only $349, Skiers can enjoy two days per resort (not per mountain) and enjoy eight full days of skiing. Once the two-day pass per resort has been used, extra days within those resorts are available at 50 percent off for the rest of the ski season.

The goal of such a pass is to inspire skiers to visit more resorts and save money in the process. The deal comes at a time in which ski pass prices have skyrocketed, thus limiting many skiers from visiting their favorite resorts for extended periods of time. Visitors staying within Aspen rentals will now be given an amazing opportunity to enjoy several days of skiing for far less cash out of pocket.

Aspen, Colorado has been known to be quite a pricy locale, yet many travelers are discovering that Aspen home rentals can save them a significant amount of money. With additional savings as result of the new multi-resort pass, a greater number of Aspen visitors are expected.

In response to the announcement, an Aspen ski fan commented positively on the program by stating that she likes “paying ahead of time…I want to ski anytime without dishing out money each time.” Many others responded in similar fashion, sharing that now they will have more incentive to visit the places that they love.

It is expected that Aspen VRBO and other Aspen rental sites will see an increase in traffic in the coming months as more skiers plan to make use of their all-new passes!

Biking the Rio Grande Recreation Trail in Aspen Colorado

Are you looking for the ultimate adventure in Aspen, Colorado? Thanks to the Rails-to-Trails project, you can now leave your Aspen rental in the morning and ride from Aspen to Glenwood Springs. The 39.5 mile trail utilizes the old railroad corridor and follows the picaresque Fork River.

There is a bit of everything for bikers of all levels. Along the way, there are amazing views of Mount Sopris, horse pastures, the sprawling Aspen Glen golf course, the roaring river, the old Satank bridge, and more.

For those looking to eat along the way, downtown Carbondale provides a nice mix of sidewalk cafes and restaurants. There are also a handful of beautiful art galleries and boutiques to browse through.

Another great stop is the Rock Bottom Ranch. There you can enjoy a 115-acre wildlife preserve that contains the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies. As part of the preserve are wetlands, ponds, the Cottonwood Bottomlands, and numerous nature trails.

Bring Your Own Bikes or Rent?

Both options are viable as you stay in an Aspen luxury rental. If traveling with a bike is a no-go, Canyon Bikes and other leading bike rental companies in the area will provide either hourly or day rates on a great selection of bikes. You can contact Canyon Bikes at 800-439-3043 with your questions.

If you are still searching for a place to stay, an aspen vacation rental is an excellent choice. Rather than stay in the confines of a hotel, you can enjoy the privacy of a condo or aspen home rental. You will also have much more room to store your bikes. A great resource for finding information on an Aspen rental is that of Aspen VRBO. There you will find many great properties from which to choose.

On the biking front, there are many other options as well. Whatever you do, make your trip to Aspen as unforgettable as possible. It is truly an amazing area within the United States to visit!

5 Top Aspen Outdoor Adventures During the Summer

Aspen, Colorado and its surrounding areas offer an abundance of outdoor activities that are perfect for all ages. Depending on your tastes, you can tailor your vacation to fit your wildest dreams. The following are five of the most popular outdoor adventures for Aspen visitors from around the world:

  • Downhill Mountain Biking Imagine taking your most prized mountain bike up to the highest peaks of Aspen/Snowmass via gondola, strapping on your helmet at the top, and racing down one of many beautiful trails. You can enjoy hours and hours of mountain biking fun each day and enjoy your Aspen rental by night. Storing a mountain bike within an Aspen vacation rental is ideal, as they will be safe and sound throughout your stay.
  • River Rafting There are several river rafting companies that will lead you through a variety of rapids, while revealing the beauty of Aspen’s breathtaking nature. You can choose from all levels of rafting and accommodate your friends and family of all ages.
  • Hiking Without a doubt, there is some of the most beautiful hiking in the world in Aspen. You will be amazed as you behold beautiful mountain peaks, crystal clear lakes, flower-filled meadows, and massive rocks. No matter trail you head down, you are sure to find something amazingly unique to behold.
  • Rock Climbing Be amazed as you stand atop an enormous bolder after an exciting climb or rappel down the granite crags of Independence Pass. Not only is a rock climbing adventure endless fun, it is also a great workout.
  • Golf You may not consider golf an adventure; however, when you take on one of Aspen’s perfectly manicured and highly challenging courses, you may change your mind. Choose from the Maroon Creek Club, Roaring Fork Club, and the Aspen Golf Club. Each will challenge your golf skills to the limit!

Each of these adventures is a hop-skip-and-a-jump from all Aspen Rentals. Plus, there are many more activities from which you can choose. The opportunities are endless. Looking for an Aspen vacation rental? You may want to check out Aspen VRBO for a wide selection of great properties.

Cycling and Mountain Biking In Aspen Colorado

There is a reason why biking enthusiasts love to make at least one trip to Aspen, Colorado in their lifetimes. In the summer, numerous cyclists take to the various roads and highways (such as highway 82) to enjoy the Rio Grande Trail with its amazing scenery such as the Roaring Fork River, plenty of wildlife, train cars, and new and old ranch houses underneath a gleaming blue sky.

Mountain bikers take advantage of the challenging trails throughout Aspen Snowmass and other ski resorts. Some choose to ride gondolas to the top, while others vie for grueling climbs and reward themselves with lightning-fast rides back down.

After hours riding on the road or mountain trails, the town of Aspen turns into the perfect spot for delicious cuisine, fun nightspots, and entertainment. Or for those who decide to stay at Aspen vacation rentals, they pass the evening by cooking a delicious meal and hanging with their riding crew.

Regardless of how you stack it, Aspen Colorado offers the perfect opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy an unforgettable vacation with friends and family.

Where to Stay When Embarking on a Biking Trip to Aspen

If you are planning a cycling or mountain biking trek with a group, it is recommended you consider a luxury vacation rental. You can choose a property with one or more rooms to accommodate your group. Also, with a full kitchen it is possible to eat well and save a considerable amount of money on food.

Another consideration are Aspen rentals that allow for you to safely store your bikes. While Aspen, Colorado is amazingly safe , there is always a chance that valuable bicycles can be stolen (regardless of where you are in the world). Some vacation rental properties include full garages and/or storage areas for recreational gear.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take a biking trip to Aspen in the near future. For more information on bike tours, trip ideas, and trails, there are tons of great resources on the Web; just give it a Google and you’re on your way!

Aspen Colorado Ski Forecast Predictions for 2011-2012

Aspen Vacation RentalsIt has recently been reported that the National Weather Service is looking into the role that La Niña will play in the Aspen ski season. Thus far, skiers and snowboarders are curious as to their fate as they plan to soon trek to their Aspen home rental.

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac La Niña won’t play a role, on the other hand 2011-2012 may be one of the mildest and driest winters on the books for Colorado in recent history. The famed book places Colorado in the south of the intermountain region and further predicts that “winter temperatures will be above normal, especially in the south, with the coldest periods in early and late December and mid- and late February.  Precipitation and snowfall will be above normal in the north and below normal in the south. The snowiest periods will occur in early November, mid-December, mid-January and early and late March.”

Much like last year that saw those who enjoyed Aspen vacation rentals experience a chilly April and May, the almanac expects for the two months to be cooler and snowier than average. Additionally, if you’re planning a ski trip to Aspen, Colorado, you may want to consider the weeks of or after January 13 and March 22, as the almanac predicts heavy snow fall during those periods.

Aspen RentalsJust how valid are the Old Farmer’s Almanac’s predictions? Last year it predicted mild and dry conditions for Colorado last winter, and Aspen visitors experienced mixed results. There ended up being plentiful amounts of snow above 8,000 feet for the majority of the winter, and to skiers’ and snowboarders’ delight the snow continued to fall into April and May. Hooray for spring skiing!

While the almanac predicts a quite dry year in Aspen, the National Weather Service is hedging against it and predicts there to be plenty of snowfall in the fall and throughout the winter. Time will definitely tell.

Just a word of advice…last year was an amazing ski season, so you don’t want to hold off on making a decision on booking Aspen rentals because of conflicting weather reports. Good luck on your ski adventures!!

Discover the Scenic Railways of Aspen and Greater Colorado

Railways Trains of AspenHave a fascination with railways and want to view Colorado from a unique perspective? The beauty of train expeditions lays in the fact that you are able to enjoy some of the most remote and picturesque regions while letting the rails guide your adventurous self. To access Colorado’s railways, it’s best to take a day trip from your Aspen vacation rentals.

The following is a list of recommended railways for you and your family to enjoy:

Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway: Noted as one of the most exciting cog railways in the world, adventurers are led 14,110 feet up the summit of Pikes Peak! You are guaranteed numerous spectacular views throughout your journey.

Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad: Imagine rolling on the tracks of a railway that hauled more than $300 million in gold and silver during the mining era. You and your family can enjoy the thrill of riding in restored 1880 passenger cars and exploring abandoned mine sites, the wild Animas River, San Juan Mountains, and the historic town of Silverton.

Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad: This four-mile round trip journey takes you through old mining sites and the historic gold-rush town of Cripple Creek.

George Loop Historic Mining and Railroad Park: This historic loop was built in 1884 to accommodate the booming mining industry. You are sure to revel in the area’s rugged wilderness and beautiful views. Plus, Georgetown is an adorable town with plenty to offer visitors from around the world.

Rio Grande Scenic Railroad: Discover Colorado’s newest scenic steam engine driven train. The route will guide you through hundreds of miles of breathtaking scenery and historic towns.

Royal Gorge Scenic Railway: This 30-minute journey within open-air cars offers spectacular views of Royal Gorge and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. This is a great trek for children, as they love riding in the open-air and it’s one of the shorter routes.

Royal Gorge Route Railroad:  Built in the 1950s, this rail line takes you into one of America’s most majestic canyons. Soon you’ll find yourself at the bottom of the Royal Gorge, peering up 1,200 feet to the Royal Gorge Bridge.

After a day on the rails, you can review the day’s adventures within the comfort of your Aspen rentals. Looking for vacation rentals in Aspen? You will be amazed at what you can find through VRBO Aspen. Wishing you amazing railway journeys throughout Colorado!

Aspen Unveils the Renovated Wheeler Opera House for the Upcoming Season

Wheeler Opera HousePlanning a trip to Aspen and looking for a fun way to spend your evenings? The 122-year-old Wheeler Opera House is just a short drive from your Aspen vacation rentals and has been newly renovated for one of its most exciting seasons ever. It is recommended that you start the evening by enjoying a delicious dinner at the opera house’s street-level restaurant and then take in the show of your choice.

The 2011-2012 show lineup is set to include everything from acoustic guitar specialists, country music, jazz, rock, stand-up comedians, documentaries and more. The schedule is currently being expanded on, but will include a diverse set of offerings to entertain the varied interests of Aspen locals and visitors.

Some of the scheduled events include the Warren Miller Entertainment ski documentary “Like There’s No Tomorrow” on October 29, Mike Marolt ski documentary “The Thin Line: Life On the Edge” on November 4, musician Loudon Wainwright III on November 5, country-pop duo Callie Angel and Wade Waters on November 19, the blockbuster Broadway musical Annie beginning December 16 and ending December 23, comedy troupe Crystal Palace and Glenwood Vaudeville Revue on December 26, the jazz of Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue on December 27, musician Kim Carnes & friends on December 29, Best of the Fest comedy show December 30, guitarist David Bromberg on December 31, an off-the-hook New Year’s party, and more! For additional information and a more detailed schedule visit

Ski AspenLooking for a place to stay in Aspen? You should definitely consider Aspen rentals. Rather than stay in a limiting traditional hotel, you can enjoy the ability to sit around a crackling fireplace with your friends and family, make your own feasts in a private kitchen or barbecue outside, and have nearby access to the many activities offered in Aspen, Colorado. For more information, take a look at VRBO Aspen. You will be surprised at what you can find at all price levels.

When in town, don’t miss out on all the exciting Wheeler Opera House events, as there is nothing like an adventurous day on the slopes, a delicious dinner, and an entertaining show to end the day!


What to Do for Labor Day in Aspen Colorado!

jazz festival aspenLabor Day is rapidly approaching! What better way to spend your days in Aspen, Colorado as men, women and children celebrate the much coveted long weekend?  There are all sorts of fun and inspiring things going on during Labor Day weekend (just driving distance from your aspen home rental) including:

Jazz Aspen Snowmass Labor Day Festival

From September 2-4, there will be an exciting festival that will take place at the Snowmass Town Park in Snowmass Village. There you can enjoy world-class music, two stages featuring a variety of artists, tons of great food, plenty of time to use your hula-hoop in the park, and lots of arts & crafts to browse. The 2011 lineup of artists includes Thievery Corporation, Paper Diamon, Girl Talk, The Congress, Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses, Rodrigo y Gabriela , Nit Grit, Steely Dan, Lean and The Peoples, Fitz & the Tantrums, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Porter Robinson, and the Zac Brown Band! Tickets range from $40-$200. Go to for more info.

Crested Butte

Take a drive from your luxury vacation rental to the small town of Crested Butte during Labor Day weekend. There you can enjoy take a walk down Elk Avenue on Saturday and/or Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. to take in all sorts of local crafts. There will be 70 booths showcasing everything from arts & crafts to antiques to delicious foods. For more information, visit

Winter Park Resort

For those looking for high-octane, outdoor fun Winter Park Resort is a short drive from your Aspen vacation rentals. The resort features the expansive Trestle Bike Park, Colorado’s longest and most exciting Alpine Slide, great hikes and more! Also, throughout the day there will be an unforgettable Labor Day Block Party there that will include dancing, sidewalk sale, and kid’s crafts!

These are only a few of the exciting things going on throughout Aspen as you enjoy staying in your vrbo aspen rental! There are also great opportunities for rock climbing, swimming in crystal clear lakes and river rafting. The sky is the limit on Labor Day Weekend in Aspen and surrounding areas!

De-stress in Some of Colorado’s Best Mineral Hot Springs

Aspen Mineral SpringsIn an effort to let go of daily stressors and gain health, people from all over the world flock to Colorado’s geothermal hot springs. Nestled throughout the Rocky Mountain region and within driving distance of Aspen, there are a handful of amazing springs for you to enjoy as you venture out from your Aspen vacation rentals. The following are three favorites for you to enjoy!

Glenwood Springs
Glenwood Springs (a 40 minute drive from Aspen) is a prime location for hot spring adventures for the family. The expansive pool, also known “The Grand Spring,” spans two blocks and contains therapeutic mineral waters that are quite calming and healing. Legend has it that the hot springs were first discovered by the Ute Indians.

Penny Hot Springs
A second option is Penny Hot Springs located within the Crystal River Valley.  The spot is frequented by locals who enjoy soaking after a long day of work. There you will find yourself in nature surrounded by amazing views of the valley and beautiful trees. The Penny Hot Springs are as natural as one can get, as two mineral springs bubble up from within granite and marble rocks. You’ll be amazed at how warm its waters can become, with temperatures as high as 130 degrees! As you enjoy the temperate waters and rugged nature, don’t be surprised if you get a glimpse of mountain goats and other wildlife while blissfully soaking under blue skies.

Conundrum Hot Springs
Aspen Mineral SpringsIn the case that you are up for a little hike before enjoying a soak in a luxurious natural hot spring, Conundrum (located in the Maroon Bells near Aspen) is a perfect choice.  The 9 mile (18 miles round trip) hike to the hot springs is breathtaking, as you pass waterfalls and enjoy the colorful meadows and fragrant wildflowers. The last couple of miles are a bit rocky and steep, so be prepared for a challenge! Once you reach the hot springs, you’ll be happy you worked so hard on the way up. The water is crystal clear and a perfect 98 degrees. The beauty of Conundrum is that challenging hike makes the hot springs all the more fantastic. Once you’ve soaked until your heat’s content, you can either explore the area in more detail or take the 9 mile trek back to the car.

No matter how you stack it, hot spring adventures make for unforgettable moments. No matter which hot spring you choose, you are sure to gain the much needed relaxation you’ve been craving for your stay at your vrbo aspen rental.

Things to do in Aspen Colorado – Culture & Arts

There are plenty of cultural happenings in Aspen, Colorado as you enjoy your stay at your Aspen vacation rentals. Locals are quite proud of its cultural heritage that inspires the mind, body and spirit. Throughout the year you can choose from exciting live music, to professional dance performances, to famous art exhibits. The following are some of the exciting events going on right now!

Aspen Co BalletDance

The Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, an acclaimed professional dance company, is wowing crowds this summer with an exciting mix of shows. They also play an important role in the summer Aspen Dance Festival. Beyond performing, the ballet offers classes to youth and adults alike. For more information, visit


The City of Aspen is of the opinion that one can’t ever enjoy enough art! There are plenty of museums and exhibits to check out. For more information on current exhibits you can check Google the Anderson Ranch Arts Center and the Aspen Art museum. Current exhibitions at the art museum include Haegue Yang’s creations and the art of Stephen Shore. There are also great opportunities for those who want to take art classes. Visit and click on the Art Museum and Centers tab.


Aspen Music Festival and SchoolYou can head into town on the weekends and some weekdays to enjoy local bands at favorite bars. You can also take in an evening of Jazz, symphony, and contemporary concerts. You can review the music events calendar at Additionally, for those who want to learn more about music, there are all sorts of great classes offered through the Aspen Music Festival.

In addition to dance, art and music, you can enjoy everything from poetry gatherings at local coffee shops, take in a show at the Wheeler Opera House, or enjoy a play at the Theatre Aspen.

The sky is the limit when it comes to fun in Aspen for those who want to enjoy more than amazing scenery!

Don’t Miss the Aspen Saturday Market!

Aspen Market SaturdayThere are endless things to see and activities to enjoy in Colorado as you enjoy your Aspen vacation rental! One thing you won’t want to miss out on is the Aspen Saturday Market. Each week, the streets of Aspen are graced with vendors offering locally grown produce and artisan crafts.

The market runs each and every Saturday from June 19 to October 16 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. After Labor Day, it runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can’t miss the fun as it takes up three key streets in downtown Aspen including E. Hopkins, S. Hunter and E. Hyman Avenue.

Locals and visitors alike enjoy the open air market as the browse through the diverse selection of vendors. If you are a dog lover, you are sure to be happy to see many locals stroll through the streets with their fury friends. There is something for everyone food lover including mountain goat cheese, Colorado grown veggies and fruit, organic chicken and meats and baked goods. For those who love arts and crafts, there is no shortage of unique items such as hand blown glass, local art, leather wares, clothing and jewelry.

A great thing about Aspen’s Saturday Market is that you can be sure you are getting top-notch foods and wares. This is because each year the city has so many applications that they have to only go with the best of the best. You’ll even find that many of the downtown shops and boutiques have booths at the market, which is a great way to get an overview of what the town has to offer.

There is also an entertainment factor for you to enjoy. Each weekend there is live music to help you get your jig on! For more information on the Aspen Saturday Market, give it a Google and you’ll find more details. Don’t miss out on all the fun while you staying in your luxury Aspen rental!!

Plan a Picnic in Aspen’s Breathtaking White River National Forest

Aspen PicnicFood & Wine Magazine has released a list of top picnic spots in the America in their online article “Outstanding Picnic Spots”. Their criteria was the spot has to be surrounded by amazing scenery, be central to great hiking/walking trails, be food accessible/friendly and be recommended by a celebrity chef.

The first spot mentioned within the article is Aspen’s White River National Forest. Jim Strickbine, the manager of the Butcher’s Block store in Aspen suggests taking off from your Aspen luxury vacation rental and head up highway 82 toward Independence Pass. Once there you can take either a leisurely hike up the Weller Lake Trail or an adventurous/more strenuous kike up Lost Man Trail.

It all depends on what you are looking for when choosing which path to follow. For instance, if you want to prepare a feast with wine, gourmet foods and more, the easier hike is probably your best bet.

Important Tips for your Picnic

  1. Head into town prior to taking off on you picnic adventure and grab some grub. At the City Market, Clark’s Market or Roxy’s Market, or the Butcher’s Block you’ll find all you need including bread, cheese, deli sandwiches, wine and more.
  2. Dare to make your picnic unlike any you have ever put together! Choose specialty cheeses & meets, organic fruits and veggies, fresh juice and unbelievable wines.
  3. Don’t forget blankets for comfort and protection for your food.
  4. Napkins are a must! There is nothing worse than getting to your destination and having to use leaves or your pant legs to clean your hands and mouths.
  5. Utensils, utensils! Believe it or not, many people forget to bring utensils along and have to find creative ways to spread cheese, cut key items and more. Also, if you are bringing wine or beer along, don’t forget an opener. This is another common item left behind or forgotten.
  6. Bring plenty of water, especially if you are going to drink alcohol. This is quite important as you will probably be hiking quite a bit. Staying hydrated in nature is a key for survival in case you get lost or your hike takes longer than expected.

Picnics have become somewhat of a lost art, so while enjoying your Aspen vacation why not revive it! You really can’t go wrong in how you organize it for your family, spouse or friends. Once you get out in nature and enjoy delicious foods and unforgettable company you may find yourself addicted to picnicking!

Things To Do in Aspen CO – For the Active Vacationer

White Water Rafting in AspenIf you are an adventurer, you’ve probably dreamt of one day roaring down river rapids as the scenery whips by, water splashes you in the face, and your adrenaline courses through your body. Aspen, Colorado offers many river rafting options for both beginner and pro.

One of our favorite choices is the Roaring Fork River. It offers children 6 years and older, and adults, the opportunity to tackle its famed rapids and have the time of your lives! There are five options to choose from, as provided by Blazing Adventures. They include:

  1. Middle Roaring Fork Duckies – This adventure sees you the master of your very own inflatable kayak and is the ideal introduction to kayaking. You can enjoy this adventure from May through September. You’ll be more than thrilled as you guide your kayak down class II and III water and take in the beautiful scenery. This particular course is restricted to those ages 10 and older.
  2. Upper Roaring Fork – You and children 6-12 will enjoy this one! It is perfect for beginning rafters who want to take in easy to manage white water and enjoy the majestic scenery. We recommend this one for families looking for more of a relaxing, fun-filled adventure. This section is open from May through Mid-June.
  3. Middle Roaring Fork – More roaring fun can be had on this route. It is another great introductory course that takes you through the quaint town of Basalt. You are sure to be enchanted by the scenery as you drift along with your family and friends! This route is open from May to September and the minimum age is 6.
  4. Lower Roaring Fork – Looking for amazing views while rafting? This is the perfect route for views of Mt. Sopris, rock formations and more. You will really get a perfect idea as to Aspen’s beauty as you zip along. It is ideal for beginners, ages 6 and up and offers more than 4 hours of unbridled fun!
  5. Slaughterhouse – Adrenaline junkies beware! You were beginning to think you were going to be left out, didn’t you? This course will take your thought Class IV whitewater that includes the Entrance Exam, Slaughterhouse Falls, “S” Turn, Hells Half Mile and Triple Drop. It equates to 4 hours of screamin’ fun! The minimum age for this adventure is 18, depending on your water level and ability.

Don’t get caught hanging out in your Aspen luxury rentals and miss this adventure and more. Aspen, Colorado offers a host of amazing outdoor activities for the whole family!

A Day Trip to the Maroon Bells from Aspen Colorado

Maroon Bells Day TripLooking for an adventure in Aspen, Colorado that will allow for you to enjoy its limitless beauty? There are many hiking spots to drive to from your Aspen vacation rental, however there are few as beautiful as the Maroon Bells. They are two unbelievable peaks in the Elk Mountains. Maroon Peak at 14,156 feet above sea level is the 27th highest peak in the state of Colorado. It is also said to be the most photographed spot and provides an awesome views of the surrounding area.

You will surely enjoy one of several day hikes at this spot. To get there from Aspen, you will head toward the airport and cross the bridge over Maroon Creek. Follow signs to the Maroon Bells, and eventually you will end up in the parking lot. For only $10 per car, you can enjoy an unforgettable time with family and friends.

There are several trails to choose from, including the follow three hikes: The Maroon Lake Scenic Trail will take you 1.5 miles one way. The round trip adventure is a bit more than 2 hours. You will be thrilled by the abundance of green pines, picturesque bridge crossings, creeks and flowers.

Crater Lake Trail If you are looking for more of a challenge, you can give the Maroon Creek Trail a try. The total distance for this one is 7 miles round trip and takes about 4 hours and 40 minutes to complete. In the case that you only want to hike one way and ride the bus back to your car, you can bring along your Maroon Bells car pass with you for a free ride! During your hike, you will enjoy beautiful rock fields and get an unbelievable view of the Maroon Bells. You may even be lucky enough to see deer and baby deer as they feed throughout the forest.

Finally, there is the somewhat challenging Crater Lake Trail. It is approximately 3.6 miles round trip. The trail is somewhat rocky, so you’ll want to be a bit careful. The hike will see you walk around Maroon Lake, which reflects the majestic Maroon Bells. Follow the path and you will be awed by the beauty that surrounds you. The final destination of the hike is Crater Lake, which is perfect for dipping your feet into and a beautiful sight to behold!

Don’t miss the Maroon Bells while enjoying your time in Aspen luxury rentals!

Aspen BBQ Block Party

The Big Aspen Block Party & BBQ

The Aspen BBQ Block Party
Aspen BBQ Block Party Fun
The Aspen BBQ Block Party Event
Aspen’s 1st annual BBQ Block party is fast approaching.  The event take place at the bottom of Aspen Mountain between August 28 – 29, 2010.  Hours are from 11:00 AM  to 6:00 PM.  This is a great chance for those BBQ enthusiasts to come down and taste the best in culinary treats without having to truck to the main BBQ block party in New York City. Some of the nation’s top BBQ chef’s will be there.

The event is being hosted by Danny Meyer, of Union Square Events, and Blue Smoke, who have teamed up with the famous Little Nell. So whether you are a week-end BBQ warrior or a decorated BBQ chef with 20 years experience creating ‘cue food wonders, you will not want to miss this fun and enjoyable food event.  Barbecuing is a big part of American summer activity and it gains popularity each year as “back yard” Dad’s take the sport to another level in an attempt to dazzle their friends and family.  For those folks, this is a great opportunity to acquire a few secret BBQ tips,  techniques or recipes?

So check out the first ever Aspen BBQ Block Party  this week for the best in BBQ treats, live entertainment, music, break-out sessions with BBQ cooking tips from the grand masters,  and family fun.   Admission is free.

Lodging & Event Info

For those of you who need Aspen lodging or Aspen vacation rentals information call the vacation pros at (970) 430-6950 or book online at;

Aspen Ski Rental

Luxury Aspen Ski Rental at its finest:

  • 5 Br
  • 4.5 Baths
  • 4500 sq feet
  • 2 Master Suites
  • Game Room & Media Room

Once you visit the glorious mountains that surround Aspen, Colorado you may never venture to ski anywhere else. This is some of the world’s best slopes, well groomed and heavily adored. One of the great local spots is called Aspen Highlands. This is a 12,500 foot mountain with both major attitude and ambiance. With 970 acres to play in and a harrowing 3,635 foot vertical drop, the mountain is skewed to the advanced level skier.

From your Aspen ski rental you can easily reach Aspen Highlands for the advanced skiers in your part and Aspen/Snowmass for everyone. With more than 5,300 acres of terrain and endless dining, shopping and nightlife options- your whole group will find some fun!

And, the new Snowmass base village has been added to create a superb skiing and riding experience. More than $130 million has been invested in on-mountain improvements over the past six years, including 11 new lifts, two new gondolas, the highly praised Treehouse Kids’ Adventure Center, three new restaurants, two superpipes, additional terrain, 100 percent hands-free gates with new direct-to-lift capabilities. Adventures await! Experience winter recreational cross country skiing, ice fishing, ice skating, indoor tennis, mountaineering, sleigh rides, Sno-Cat powder skiing, snowmobiling and snowshoe tours. With access to all this from your Aspen ski rental you may not even have time to enjoy the luxe amenities your rental has to offer.

Some of the features of your rental include: fireplaces, pools, hot tubs and private garages. It makes for the perfect place to feel at home when you’re away from home! The kids will love our charming town as well because there are lots of day camps, ski camps and fun just-for-kids activities to keep them occupied while you hit the slopes. They can take sleigh rides, mine for gold, or hike our scenic trails. Isn’t it time to book your vacation or family getaway? We offer premium lodging for our Aspen ski rental packages complete with all the amenities at prices you can afford. Book yours today.

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