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Aspen’s Warmer Weather Vacation Adventures

Aspen vacation rentals are a great choice year round. Renowned for it’s incomparable skiing, Aspen is also very well known for the endless adventures available right at your fingertips. Keep reading below to find out what will turn your next Aspen vacation to a “vacation of a lifetime.”  Continue reading Aspen’s Warmer Weather Vacation Adventures

aspen skii race

International Ski Federation Race Still On

After Aspen was awarded the 2017 World Cup Finals in fall 2014, reports surfaced that some International Ski Federation (FIS) officials wanted to pull the event if Aspen did not commit to certain upgrades of the Lift 1A and its base area. Now, Atle Skaardal, race director for women’s World Cup alpine ski racing, has stated that “We want to have this happen here.”

Aspen International Ski Federation Race
Aspen International Ski Federation Race

Skaardal’s recent visit to Aspen focused on working with community organizers, the Aspen Skiing Co. and the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association to make the 2017 World Cup Finals the best possible event. He spent four hours walking the course and base area with Skico’s vice president of sales and events, John Rigney, and other local officials. Skaardal stated that “the hill is amazing” and concluded that the courses will be challenging for competitors. He also stated that Aspen is one of 16 to 18 “classic sites” on the circuit and among the best of Ski resorts.

Despite this, Skaardal did say that the Lift 1A base area has failed to meet the World Cup’s brand standards and falls short of the “Aspen experience” he expects. It has been reported that there is “good faith” on all sides and that progress will be made to improve the chairlift and surrounding base area before the event. Skaardal concluded that, “This is already a decided case…But requirements must be filled, same as it’s always been. I am convinced that everything is going to turn out in a perfect way for everybody.”

The World Cup Finals

The annual World Cup Finals event is one of the most prestigious events on the popular alpine skiing circuit. Throughout the finals, 25 top point leaders in both men’s and women’s disciplines will compete. Each of the nine races, held over five days, will occur on the Lift 1A side of the mountain. Some of the events include downhill, super G, slalom and giant slalom. There will also be a team event. This unique and thrilling event is set to take place March 15-19, 2017.

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Sky Mountain Park Trails Popular During Aspen’s Rainy Weather

Sky Mountain Park, located between Aspen and Snowmass Village, has become a popular destination for many mountain bikers during Aspen’s recent rainy weather. According to reports, nearly 2.5 inches of rain has already fallen this month, leaving many forest trails as water pools.

Luckily, Sky Mountain Park’s trail has several advantages that make it the perfect destination for mountain bikers, even during this wet time.

Sky Mountain Park’s trail network benefits from low elevation and good overall exposure to the sun. The specially designed trails are also designed to shed water. Add in quick-drying soil and you have the perfect combination for mountain bikers, even if it rains. John Wilkinson, a founding member of the Snowmass Village Trails Committee, states that, “They are virtually dry an hour or two after a deluge, it seems.” Continue reading Sky Mountain Park Trails Popular During Aspen’s Rainy Weather

don duke dixon aspen bartender

Celebrities “Starstruck” by Aspen’s Late Don “Duke” Dixon

Don “Duke” Dixon was an Aspen fixture until his death on April 28 at the age of 75. His friends and fans remember him as a man who told it like it was, drawing in celebrities who visited the popular vacation destination. Kimberly Wilson-Jarrell, a close friend of Dixon, stated that “He was the life of the party, let’s just say…He had an appeal for these stars. He was still the Duke. He wasn’t trying to suck up to them.” Some of Dixon’s close celebrity friends included Jack Nicholson, Ed Bradley, Jimmy Buffet and Don Henley.

Bob Rafelson, a close friend of Dixon’s, stated that celebrities were drawn to Dixon because of his intellect and that he was devoid of any pretense. According to Rafelson, “…when people came to Aspen they sought out guys who knew their way around, and they sought out people who had incredible personalities, and Duke was one of those people…But he himself was more celebrity than they were…He didn’t call attention to his leadership, he didn’t say, ‘Guys, follow me.’ He was a guy who exercised taste and had this sinister sense of humor.”

Others remember him as one of Aspen’s worst bartenders. He famously slung drinks at several Aspen haunts through the 1970s and 1980s. However, his service was slow, mostly because he was usually drinking with the customers. According to Rafelson, “He worked at a lot of places, but that wasn’t because he had some extraordinary ability…” He drew crowds.

Dixon would also famously start up his extremely loud, muffler-less Harley Davidson motorcycle at 2 am and drive it up and down the streets of downtown Aspen to let everyone know the bars were closing. Dixon was also known as a big hit with the ladies and a lover and defender of animals. He was also a prolific writer who was constantly featured in the local Aspen newspapers. Dixon’s famous wit was constantly shared in his letters to the Aspen newspapers, earning him the Silver Pen Award in 2007.

According to the many friends and fans he left behind, Dixon “will be missed…He really loved Aspen.”

Boogie's Diner

High Profile Aspen Building Being Sold to Developer

Boogie Weinglass, a 73-year old, is now closing up shop at his famous Aspen dine, “Boogie’s Diner.” Portrayed in the 1982 movie “Diner” by Mickey Rourke, Weinglass has been operating the second-floor diner for 28 years. The diner building was initially greeted by criticism from some Aspen residents who stated that it looked out of place. However, it quickly became an Aspen fixture and is famous for its decent prices, good burgers, healthy fare and even delicious and overly-generous milkshakes.
Continue reading High Profile Aspen Building Being Sold to Developer

Aspen Food Wine Classic

2015 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen

From June 19-21, 2015 you can enjoy a wide range of foods and wines at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. Considered “America’s premier culinary weekend,” the event will feature a variety of culinary giants and wine experts like Richard Blais, Tyler Florence, David Chang, Carla Hall, Morimoto and more. This three-day event will combine a range of activities including: Continue reading 2015 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen

Top Things to Do During Your Aspen Vacation

Things to do in Aspen
Things to do in Aspen

Aspen vacation rentals are a great choice year round. If you are going to Aspen for your next vacation there are many activities you can enjoy. One of the most popular pastimes in Aspen is skiing. Snowmass is Aspen’s most popular and largest ski area. It is located approximately 8 miles west of the city. Snowmass is a great choice because it offers more than 3,100 acres of highly skiable terrain. This includes 17 chair lifts and, for those who enjoy diversity, 88 different runs. Continue reading Top Things to Do During Your Aspen Vacation

Floating Restaurant in Aspen

A Floating Restaurant in Aspen?

new floating restaurant in Aspen CO
New Floating Restaurant in Aspen, CO

Rumor has it that developer Bil Dithigher has laid the foundation for achieving his great grandfather’s former vision of building and opening a restaurant on top of the West Aspen Mountain. While a restaurant atop a mountain sounds fabulous, Dithigher is taking it a step further. His vision for the new restaurant is that of an air ship that floats above the peak of the mountain fondly know as Shadow Mountain. Dithigher wants to dock the large air ship nearly 9,000 feet above Aspen, creating the city’s newest and most interesting hot spot. Sources say that Dithigher is discussing purchasing air space above the city for the new restaurant. Continue reading Floating Restaurant in Aspen

Aspen Snowmass Skiing

Reasons to Visit Aspen for the 2012-2013 Ski Season

With the 2012-2013 ski season rapidly approaching, skiers around the globe are planning their vacations to leading resorts throughout the United States. The city of Aspen accommodates more than 3 million visitors each year, many of which enjoy the thrill of Aspen’s beautifully groomed slopes.

For those on the fence as to whether they will choose Aspen over other resorts, the following are five reasons why the greater Aspen area is an excellent choice:

  • Wide variety of slope options. Skiers and snowboarders can choose from four power-packed resorts including Snowmass, Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, and Buttermilk. Snowmass covers 4,406 vertical feet of ski terrain which includes 91 trails, 3 terrain parks and pipes, and 21 lifts. Aspen Mountain is known for its black-diamond terrain and 76 trails that cover 675 acres, while Aspen Highlands has been a local favorite for more than 50 years and 118 trails of varying degree of difficulty. Buttermilk is a favorite of snowboarders who revere the hill’s 22-foot superpipe and skiers who enjoy an easier mix of ski trails.
  • Exceptional cuisine and entertainment. Aspen has long been known for its ability to attract the world’s best chefs. Early reservations to the city’s hot spots are highly recommended and there are plenty of great bars for those who want to play the evenings by ear. There are also numerous opportunities in the winter season to enjoy concerts, live theater, and art exhibits.
  • Great lodging available. Aspen is also home to many top-quality hotels and exceptional luxury vacation rentals. In fact, more and more vacationers have been inspired by the properties found on VRBO Aspen, many of which are home rentals that offer a plethora of amenities.

There are many more reasons as to why Aspen is a regular destination for travelers from around the world. Not only does the winter season make for unforgettable skiing, there are also several other activities for non-skiers to partake in including dog sledding, ice climbing, snowmobiling, and even world class spa retreating for those who looking to relax.

According to recent reports by Aspen’s Chamber of Commerce, there has been an increase of early bookings for vacationers looking to enjoy the winter season. While last year’s ski season was cut short, vacationers are betting on the 2012-2013 season being off-the-hook!


How to Find a Home Vacation Rental in Aspen

According to recent news reports, a growing number of Americans and out of country vacationers are choosing vacation rentals over traditional hotels. There are a number of reasons for the trend including the fact that they can be more financially viable for a large family or group while providing more versatility than a four-walled hotel room. For instance, vacation rentals normally come with partial or full kitchens, which are perfect for entertaining and saving on food costs.  Aspen rentals are also available with multiple rooms, backyards, barbecues, full garages, and more.

Locating vacation rentals in Aspen, Colorado and beyond is quite easy due to the many available Internet resources. VRBO Aspen is a favorite of many vacationers, along with Rocky Mountain Vacation Rentals, Vacation, and A simple online search for “vacation rentals” will  also produce numerous results. When visiting one of these sites, it is possible to define exactly what type of property will best suit a family or group of friends.

Once a handful of potential properties are located, the prospective vacationer can then view each calendar of availability. Additionally, each property owner specifies terms and conditions that may or may not include deposit, cleaning fee, house rules, and other requirements. Prior to selecting a property, it is recommended that each fee and policy is reviewed and fully understood.

There are several online resources that allow for travelers to read personal reviews shared by those who have actually stayed within specific Aspen rentals. This allows travelers to make educated decisions that will fuel an unforgettable vacation. Traveler reviews are a powerful indicator as to the condition of a property, its amenities, and other important information. They also keep vacation rental owners diligent about making necessary repairs and property upgrades.

After selecting an Aspen luxury vacation rental, a prospective traveler must either book online or call the property owner/manager to make a reservation.  Also, most vacation rental portals offer vacationers the ability to ask questions of the property owner prior to committing.

When committed to a particular property, vacationers can then begin to count down the days to their holiday. After experiencing the freedoms associated with staying at a home vacation rental, many vacationers continually seek them out as they travel around the globe.

Billionaire William Koch to Build Wild West Town Near Aspen Colorado

It has officially been announced that billionaire William Koch is developing his very own private Wild West town within the Rocky Mountains near Aspen, Colorado. Koch’s development will see the creation of a train station, saloon, and jail. The land currently houses ghost towns that were once thriving when local mines were in full swing.


Koch, 72, will also build a 21,762 mansion equipped with an elevator and wine room. Interestingly enough, one-third of the house will be built underground which will help keep the massive home from overwhelming the area’s ecology. The billionaire has long shared his love of the Old West and has gone so far as to purchase the only photograph of Billy the Kid for $2.3 million at an auction in 2011.

While the mansion is sure to be of interest to Aspen rental vacationers, Koch will only make it available to his family and close friends. The public has often made requests to see his Western artifacts, which he will make available at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C.

Of concern to locals and Aspen VRBO vacationers is an area on Koch’s land popular with hunters, organic farmers, and miners. Koch wants to insulate his property and has proposed a land swap. Locals are not happy with the proposal and are trying to block its progress.

Koch joins a growing list of influential people who have recently invested in property near Aspen, Colorado. The reason for such an investment stems from the fact that Aspen offers a diverse mix of activities and amusements throughout all seasons such as award-winning skiing, snowmobiling, rock climbing, mountain biking, river rafting, gourmet dining, and extensive shopping. The greater Aspen area also offers high profile individuals a significant amount of privacy, which is largely one of the reasons why Koch is building his Wild West town in the region.

Locals and Aspen luxury rental vacationers are sure to be curious as to Koch’s hidden Wild West town.  There are several commercial Wild West and Ghost Towns throughout Colorado available to the public for access.

Breckenridge Colorado Ski Resort to Be Expanded

It has recently been announced that the Breckenridge Ski Area will be adding 550 additional acres on Peak 6 to ease overcrowding and offer more action-packed ski fun to its customer base. The effort will include the addition of two new lifts, a new restroom facility, and ski patrol/warming hut. All expansion efforts are expected drive more business to Breckenridge and better accommodate its regulars.

According to Rob Katz, Chairman and CEO of Vail Resorts, “The new terrain provides access to intermediate runs and high alpine bowl skiing and will be a tremendous addition to Breckenridge.”

The project will likely begin this fall and will commence in two years for the opening of the 2014-2015 ski season. For Aspen vacationers, this will provide additional opportunities for skiing adventures in the winter and hiking opportunities in the summer. Only 40 minutes from Aspen, the Breckenridge resort has grown in popularity over the years and is expected to inspire more visitors in the coming years.

The process for adding the additional acreage took a total of seven years due to the possible impacts it may make on surrounding natural life. Intensive measures were taken to best preserve the area and reduce environmental damage.

It is expected that the Breckenridge expansion will be welcome by Aspen locals and Aspen rental visitors. The 2012-2013 Breckenridge ski season will continue as normal and welcomes Aspen luxury rental vacationers for unlimited ski adventures.

Ski enthusiasts are also welcoming the Aspen Snowmass ski season in the coming months and have been reserving their Aspen VRBO rentals in advance. With more competitive ski resort pricing as result of the newly announced Epic Ski Pass, attendance is expected to increase throughout the region.

For more information on Aspen vacation rentals and information on ski resorts in the area, simply Google “Aspen Vacation rentals” and “Aspen ski resorts.”  Stay tuned for more breaking  news from the greater Aspen area!

Aspen Offers New and Exciting Multi-Mountain Ski Pass

Ski-lovers around the globe have been celebrating after The Aspen Skiing Company, Jackson Hole, Squaw Valley, and Alta have announced a new season partnership pass for the four resorts in 2013. Soon skiers will be able to enjoy eight mountains within four resorts including Aspen, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk, Snowmass, Alta (within Utah), Jackson Hole (in Wyoming), Squaw Valley (near Tahoe), and Alpine Meadows (near Tahoe).

For only $349, Skiers can enjoy two days per resort (not per mountain) and enjoy eight full days of skiing. Once the two-day pass per resort has been used, extra days within those resorts are available at 50 percent off for the rest of the ski season.

The goal of such a pass is to inspire skiers to visit more resorts and save money in the process. The deal comes at a time in which ski pass prices have skyrocketed, thus limiting many skiers from visiting their favorite resorts for extended periods of time. Visitors staying within Aspen rentals will now be given an amazing opportunity to enjoy several days of skiing for far less cash out of pocket.

Aspen, Colorado has been known to be quite a pricy locale, yet many travelers are discovering that Aspen home rentals can save them a significant amount of money. With additional savings as result of the new multi-resort pass, a greater number of Aspen visitors are expected.

In response to the announcement, an Aspen ski fan commented positively on the program by stating that she likes “paying ahead of time…I want to ski anytime without dishing out money each time.” Many others responded in similar fashion, sharing that now they will have more incentive to visit the places that they love.

It is expected that Aspen VRBO and other Aspen rental sites will see an increase in traffic in the coming months as more skiers plan to make use of their all-new passes!

Biking the Rio Grande Recreation Trail in Aspen Colorado

Are you looking for the ultimate adventure in Aspen, Colorado? Thanks to the Rails-to-Trails project, you can now leave your Aspen rental in the morning and ride from Aspen to Glenwood Springs. The 39.5 mile trail utilizes the old railroad corridor and follows the picaresque Fork River.

There is a bit of everything for bikers of all levels. Along the way, there are amazing views of Mount Sopris, horse pastures, the sprawling Aspen Glen golf course, the roaring river, the old Satank bridge, and more.

For those looking to eat along the way, downtown Carbondale provides a nice mix of sidewalk cafes and restaurants. There are also a handful of beautiful art galleries and boutiques to browse through.

Another great stop is the Rock Bottom Ranch. There you can enjoy a 115-acre wildlife preserve that contains the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies. As part of the preserve are wetlands, ponds, the Cottonwood Bottomlands, and numerous nature trails.

Bring Your Own Bikes or Rent?

Both options are viable as you stay in an Aspen luxury rental. If traveling with a bike is a no-go, Canyon Bikes and other leading bike rental companies in the area will provide either hourly or day rates on a great selection of bikes. You can contact Canyon Bikes at 800-439-3043 with your questions.

If you are still searching for a place to stay, an aspen vacation rental is an excellent choice. Rather than stay in the confines of a hotel, you can enjoy the privacy of a condo or aspen home rental. You will also have much more room to store your bikes. A great resource for finding information on an Aspen rental is that of Aspen VRBO. There you will find many great properties from which to choose.

On the biking front, there are many other options as well. Whatever you do, make your trip to Aspen as unforgettable as possible. It is truly an amazing area within the United States to visit!

Why Entertainers and High Profile Individuals Prefer Vacation Rentals in Aspen

The growing trend within the world of travel is Aspen luxury vacation rentals for superstars and high profile individuals. For instance, when Michele Obama and her girls visited Aspen, Colorado during the 2012 winter, they chose to stay in a private home. There are many reasons as to why movie stars, artists, politicians, and other are staying in Aspen rentals over hotels:

  • Privacy is Everything! – An Aspen home rental provides the perfect environment for spending time with family and friends without being under the microscope. Estate rentals often come equipped with full kitchens, multiple bedrooms, dining room, and entertaining areas. This way it is possible to get out on the slopes or into nature during the day and find complete privacy when returning home.
  • Entertaining Opportunities are Endless – Rather than holding high-profile parties in the middle of town, Aspen rentals allow for unlimited entertainment opportunities that can include black-tie events, barbecues, and more. It is possible to rent properties with expansive backyards that can accommodate party tents, dance floors, and other party elements.
  • Close to Ski Resorts – Aspen rentals can be located right on or next to the slopes. Thus, high profile individuals can pre-pay their ski pass, put on their ski hats, and head out for a day of skiing without being noticed.
  • Unlimited Equipment Storage – For those with all sorts of toys including motorcycles, snowmobiles, skis, snowboards, etc., home rentals can provide garage space to accommodate it all. Plus, all equipment tends to be quite secure in such an environment.

When staying within a traditional hotel, there are many limitations for high profile men and women. The same is true for everyday individuals and families. Aspen Rentals provide the opportunity for you to call the shots and have the vacation of a lifetime.

For more information on Aspen home rentals, VRBO Aspen is an excellent source of information. You can book your upcoming trip quite easily. Why live with the limitations of a traditional hotel when you can enjoy the comfort of a luxury rental?

The 5 Best Aspen Restaurants to Enjoy This Summer

Looking for a unique eating experience in Aspen Colorado this summer? Just a short distance you’re your Aspen rental or hotel, there are several amazing restaurants from which to choose. The following are five best Aspen restaurants for you, your family, and friends to enjoy:

  1. Zocalito Latin Bistro – According to Trip Advisor, Zocalito offers amazing cuisine and inspired atmosphere. From its delicious Chilean wine selection to fresh sea scallops and signature potatoes, each and every bite is a delight. It is also a perfect spot for both romance and unforgettable fun with friends and family. You won’t want to miss out on Zocalito’s innovative and delicious menu. For reservations call 970-920-1991.
  2. Pyramid Bistro – Offering an eclectic menu, Pyramid Bistro is an Aspen favorite. All food is organic and cooked over low heat in order to preserve its nutrition value. You will be amazed at how delicious nutritious food can be! Enjoy innovative dishes including kale salad, fresh carrot soup, flax seed gnocchi, and more. Open from 11:30am to 9:30pm for your dining pleasure. Dial 970-925-5338 for more details.
  3. Pine Creek Cookhouse – Seeking contemporary American cuisine and a romantic ambiance? The Pine Creek Cookhouse is an excellent selection and features a beautiful mountain setting, just a short drive from your Aspen vacation rental. Choose from a delicious steak, seafood, gourmet salads, and scrumptious desserts. For reservations call 970-925-1044.
  4. Pinions Restaurant – Located in downtown Aspen, just across from the historic Hotel Jerome, Pinions is a contemporary restaurant that serves beautifully prepared gourmet cuisine. The Sashimi Tuna Tacos are a favorite appetizer, caviar is delicious, and Prime Ribeye Steak unforgettable. The local favorite also features an extensive wine and beverage list and a yummy selection of high quality desserts. For reservations call 970-920-2021.
  5. Finbarr’s Irish Pub – Seeking a comfortable pub where you can sit back with friends and enjoy a cold beer and delicious meal? Finbarr’s is an excellent choice for locals and visitors alike. Choose from a traditional pub menu that features Shepherd’s Pie, Bangers and Mash, and Fish and Chips. The restaurant also features a beautiful patio that is both people and dog friendly. You can’t go wrong with Finbarr’s!

You are sure to have an amazing time at one of these wonderful establishments, which are not far from a beautiful Aspen luxury rental. Of course, there are many more Aspen restaurants from which to choose, so if you would like a few more options simply utilize Google or TripAdvisor.

Secrets for Planning the Best Aspen Vacation Ever

If you are considering a vacation to Aspen, you may be wondering how exactly you can gain the most out of your adventure. The following are secrets for having a most amazing time:

  • Vacation rentals versus hotels – A growing number of travelers are realizing that Aspen rentals are a much better way to spend a week or more in Aspen, Colorado. Rather than staying in a stifling hotel, a luxury vacation rental allows for families and/or groups of friends to enjoy their privacy, while having the power of cooking their own meals and enjoy the comfort of a peaceful backyard. There are numerous types of vacation rentals out there and VRBO Aspen can help you find your dream property.
  • Out on the town – The beauty of Aspen is that there are a number of amazing (even award-winning) restaurants and bars to frequent. In order to assure that you can enjoy the restaurant of your choice, it is recommended that you get a reservation before reaching Aspen. On a busy week or weekend, the town fills up quickly! The same goes for the theatre and concerts. Make sure you book early to get seats.
  • In the great outdoors – There are tons of amazing activities to partake of throughout the year. The secret to finding the best adventures for you, your friends, and family is to research online as early as possible. Identify the activities you would like to participate in and book early. If you are staying at an Aspen vacation rental or hotel, you can ask the booking representative if they have any special relationships with various vendors. They may be able to score you sizable discounts.
  • Spas and hot springs – Don’t forget that one of the amazing things about Aspen is that there are several award-winning spas from which to choose. Also, you can gain peace of mind at one of many yummy hot springs. A quick Google search can help you discover the perfect spa for you.

Another secret is that the sky is the limit in Aspen, Colorado. With a bit of creativity, you can have the vacation of a lifetime. Do a little online research, ask your Aspen rental or hotel booking rep for advice, and you are on your way!!

Four Reason To Choose Aspen As Your Vacation Destination

In today’s world, an increasing number of travelers around the world are seeking out alternative forms of lodging to traditional hotel chains. One such alternative form is that of the Aspen vacation rental. Basically, it consists of renting a vacation property in the form of a condo or home and can range from a small studio to that of a sprawling mansion.

Just to give you an idea as to why travelers are reaching out to the owners Aspen rentals through services like VRBO Aspen, we hope the following gives you an excellent idea:

  • The power of the kitchen As we are all aware, paying for food while vacationing can be an expensive proposition. Most vacation rentals come equipped with a kitchen in which you can cook your own meals and refrigerate market bought food. This is a major selling point, as it can reduce food costs by hundreds of dollars.
  • More cost-effective for groups When you travel with a group of people and add up hotel expenses, they can be amazingly costly. On the other hand, when you rent a vacation rental that houses four plus adults, everyone splits the cost and saves tremendously.
  • Entertaining flexibility A vacation rental is the perfect spot for entertaining your friends. Some Aspen luxury rentals come equipped with beautiful backyards (some with pools!). You can do anything from play backyard sports to throw an unforgettable barbecue to enjoy a wine-filled evening in the fresh Aspen air.
  • Great storage An Aspen rental also allows for you to store your sporting equipment such as your kayaks, canoes, motorcycles, skis, mountain bikes, and more. This assures its safety and makes for easy access.

No matter which way to stack it, an Aspen vacation will provide you an amazing experience. We highly recommend that you consider an Aspen rental if you are seeking true flexibility, comfort, security, and cost-effectiveness.

There are several great resources over the Web that you can use to research. Aspen VRBO will provide you a great start!

5 Top Aspen Outdoor Adventures During the Summer

Aspen, Colorado and its surrounding areas offer an abundance of outdoor activities that are perfect for all ages. Depending on your tastes, you can tailor your vacation to fit your wildest dreams. The following are five of the most popular outdoor adventures for Aspen visitors from around the world:

  • Downhill Mountain Biking Imagine taking your most prized mountain bike up to the highest peaks of Aspen/Snowmass via gondola, strapping on your helmet at the top, and racing down one of many beautiful trails. You can enjoy hours and hours of mountain biking fun each day and enjoy your Aspen rental by night. Storing a mountain bike within an Aspen vacation rental is ideal, as they will be safe and sound throughout your stay.
  • River Rafting There are several river rafting companies that will lead you through a variety of rapids, while revealing the beauty of Aspen’s breathtaking nature. You can choose from all levels of rafting and accommodate your friends and family of all ages.
  • Hiking Without a doubt, there is some of the most beautiful hiking in the world in Aspen. You will be amazed as you behold beautiful mountain peaks, crystal clear lakes, flower-filled meadows, and massive rocks. No matter trail you head down, you are sure to find something amazingly unique to behold.
  • Rock Climbing Be amazed as you stand atop an enormous bolder after an exciting climb or rappel down the granite crags of Independence Pass. Not only is a rock climbing adventure endless fun, it is also a great workout.
  • Golf You may not consider golf an adventure; however, when you take on one of Aspen’s perfectly manicured and highly challenging courses, you may change your mind. Choose from the Maroon Creek Club, Roaring Fork Club, and the Aspen Golf Club. Each will challenge your golf skills to the limit!

Each of these adventures is a hop-skip-and-a-jump from all Aspen Rentals. Plus, there are many more activities from which you can choose. The opportunities are endless. Looking for an Aspen vacation rental? You may want to check out Aspen VRBO for a wide selection of great properties.