5 Best Places to Experience Aspen’s Fall Colors

From the amazing weather to the beautiful copper tones, I absolutely love Autumn for a variety of reasons and would go so far to say that it’s my favorite season. That is why I strongly recommend that you visit Aspen this Fall. So for all you nature lovers, and those seeking breathtaking autumnal vistas, here are the 5 best places to experience Aspen’s Fall colors.

Aspen Mountain

Just before winter approaches, visitors have the opportunity to see Aspen Mountain without its jacket of snow. In Fall, after a challenging journey to the summit, hikers can appreciate all the autumnal foliage in its true glory.

Maroon Bells Scenic Area

Previously I have written many articles about (or at least mentioning) Aspen’s iconic Maroon Bells. These two peaks in the Elk Mountains are worth visiting any time of the year. However during the Fall, gold, orange, and copper tones really give this area a whole different dynamic.

Smuggler Mountain

In my article entitled Your Guide to Aspen Mountain Biking, Smuggler Mountain was featured heavily because of its diverse range of trails. Certainly, if this activity is on the agenda then there is no better time (in my opinion) to visit than Fall. At this time of year, you can enjoy a leisurely ride whilst taking in the golden autumnal hues of the surrounding landscape.

Independence Pass Road

I have always loved driving, so the chance to travel on Independence Pass Road would be too good an opportunity to pass. The road is carved out of Aspen’s mountains and is an absolute must for tourists, especially during the Fall. At this time of year, you get the opportunity to appreciate some truly beautiful golden foliage.  

Castle Creek Road

One of the many reasons people travel to Aspen in Colorado is because it is steeped in history. Castle Creek Road is a perfect example and is a favorite among riders. On route, there is the opportunity to visit Ashcroft Ghost Town, where this attraction is even more dramatic with the tonal brown Autumnal foliage as a backdrop.