My Aspen Winter Bucket List

Over the last few years, I have become more fanatical about exercise and fitness in general. In fact, my wife thinks that I am absolutely obsessive and maybe she’s right. However, I do like relaxing, and one of my favorite pastimes is frequenting the cinema.

A few years ago (2007) I watched a very heartwarming film called ‘The Bucket List’ (produced and directed by Rob Reiner). This movie stars Jack Nicolson and Morgan Freeman, who are at the top of their game. Essentially (as the title suggests) it is a story about two terminally ill men who go on a memorable road trip to fulfil a life-long wish list. Even though the subject matter might seem a bit morose it is delicately handled and thouroughly thought provoking.

Most would refer to the term ‘Bucket List’ not literally (“kick the bucket”), but more as an aspirational wish list. For most people (especially skiers), the opportunity to visit Aspen in Winter would be a dream come true. Certainly, if you are into high octane, adrenaline-fuelled activities, this luxurious resort is about as good as it gets. To expand on this, here’s my vision of the ideal Aspen Winter Bucket List.

My Aspen Winter Bucket List

When I think of Aspen, living or vacating in a wonderful residence overlooking the mountains is the first thing to come to mind. One of my guilty pleasures is the 1994 Farrelly (Bobby and Peter) brother’s comedy flick entitled ‘Dumb and Dumber’. Midway through the film, there is a dream sequence, which takes place in a luxurious Aspen residence.

Even though this scene is Juvenile in nature, it contains a lot of elements that resonate with me. For example, the protagonist played by Jim Carrey is the life and sole of the party. In my Aspen Winter Bucket List, socialising in a lavish style would be integral to the overall experience.

As a non-skier, my ideal Aspen Winter Bucket List would involve other activities. I would make a point to ride on the Silver Queen Gondola to appreciate spectacular mountain views from 12,000 feet. Even the thought of attending high altitude (11,211 feet) yoga classes and discovering the hidden shrines of Aspen Mountain sound amazing.

Another, wish would be to see a Mountain Lion prowling in its natural habitat. As a finishing touch, enjoying après ski and the glamorous nightlife with movie stars would have to be included on the list. I can picture myself now (as I am writing this article) talking film with these iconic stars.