7 Things to Pack for Your Aspen Autumn Getaway

Normally when I go on vacation, everything is left to the last moment. My philosophy is that as long as I remember my passport and driver’s license, everything will be alright. Maybe my attitude is a bit cavalier, but (so far) it hasn’t really failed me. However, it is pertinent to mention that my destination choices might factor into the equation. Most of my recent holidays have been resort style, cruises, or luxury hotels/homes within Australia.

Recently, I wrote an article for this blog entitled ‘5 Best Places to Experience Aspen’s Fall Colors’. This is my favorite time of year and as an artist, I am drawn to natures beautiful palette of rich golden tones. Certainly, there are many places to visit like Aspen Mountain Independence Pass Road, Maroon Bells, and Smugglers Mountain to appreciate the season in its entire splendor. Therefore, to maximize your stay, you probably wouldn’t want to adopt my approach because preparation is key. So, here are 7 things I would recommend to pack for an Aspen Autumn getaway.

1. Binoculars

In the Fall, there is a great opportunity to view several species in their natural habitat, like Brown Bears, Elk, Moose, Mountain Lions, and Red Foxes. Therefore, to appreciate the wildlife at a safe distance, a decent pair of binoculars is a prerequisite.

2. Camera

For most people, a trip to Aspen might be a once in a lifetime experience. Consequently, a camera (or smartphone) is an essential accessory to capture all those magic moments.

3. Gloves

Even though Aspen weather in Autumn is generally pretty mild, there is always a chance of snow. Purchasing a quality pair of thermal gloves before you travel definitely makes good sense.

4. Hiking Boots

If you are anything like me, you would likely be hitting the nature trails every day for an energetic walk after a large breakfast. That is why it is best to be prepared and purchase a decent pair of hiking boots before you travel.

5. Lightweight Jacket

Due to the high altitude of Aspen, the weather (even in Autumn) could be pretty crisp. My advice would be to invest in a decent down-filled and lightweight, rainproof jacket.

6. Mountain Bike

This one is optional and probably only applicable to residents of the United States. However, if you are passionate about mountain biking it would be a savvy choice to bring your own and avoid the whole rental process completely.

7. Sunglasses

During Autumn, the weather could vary massively in Aspen, and some days it could reach sunny temperatures of 70 degrees. Therefore, investing in a decent pair of sunglasses to avoid those damaging UV rays would be a wise choice.