Your Guide to Aspen Mountain Biking

Over the last few years, electronically assisted bicycles have become increasingly popular with consumers and many brands have capitalised on the trend. Even supercar giant, Bugatti got in on the action (in collaboration with designers Manuel Ostner and Claus Fischer) and produced a $40,000 lightweight carbon fibre e-bike.

Many global cities now have congestion charges so these bikes are a clever solution to achieve a greener society. However, many people I know also enjoy cycling as a recreational activity. Mountain biking is big where I reside  in South Australia because there are many challenging trails on offer. This is also why many adrenaline junkies visit Aspen, Colorado in the warmer seasons. So, for all of you into mountain biking, here is my guide to some of the most popular trails in this scenic resort.

Power of Four Course

The Power of Four Course is probably the most challenging mountain biking trail in Aspen. In fact, it so gruelling that only the super-fit would even attempt it. The route encompasses all the of the Snowmass resorts and is 25-miles long. This year on August 17th, Audi will host a sponsored race for elite riders with a prize of $2,500.

Rio Grande Trail

If you fancy a really energetic experience to burn off the calories of all the delicious gourmet food consumed in Aspen, then I would highly recommend the Rio Grande Trail (from March to October). Starting at Glenwood Springs, the 42.4-mile road track takes in some breathtaking scenery and is suitable for all skill levels.

Snowmass Bike Park

If the thought of attempting the Power of Four Course reduces you to tears, then Snowmass Bike Park might be a tamer option. The track is 3-miles long and has several jumps to attempt. For the advanced, there’s Valhalla, but there’s also Viking for intermediates and Verde for beginners.

Smuggler Mountain

Smuggler Mountain (also known as Aspen’s Backyard) is a historic mining area in Aspen. This region is a favorite with mountain bike riders because of the variety of scenic trails it offers. Another bonus is that there are tracks to suit every skill level and fitness.