A Look at Aspen’s Different Seasons

Having four seasons is really important to many people because it is what they are used to – it makes them feel comfortable. As I have discovered, Aspen has a thriving tourist industry that isn’t restricted to just the Winter months. In fact, this city offers a broad range of activities all year round. Here is a closer look at Aspen’s different seasons.


Winter is probably the season Aspen is most renowned for because at this time there is an abundance of snow. Enthusiastic skiers from around the globe visit this amazing ‘Rocky Mountain’ town. There are also many other activities like snowboarding, snowmobiling and ice climbing, in addition to a vibrant nightlife.


During Springtime, there’s still a sufficient amount of snow left over from March. Therefore, there is still potential to ski, even in a Tee-shirt if you so desire. However, if you are interested in other pursuits, there are activities like mountain biking and hiking. Additionally, the weather is gradually getting warmer and so strolling around the city is also an option.


Due to Aspen’s high altitude, the Summer months always maintain a pleasant temperature. Therefore, endeavors like Whitewater rafting and Kayaking are a great option. There is also ‘Cruiseday Tuesday’ where you can sip a cold craft beer whilst exploring the city by bike. Another recommendation would be to riding the Silver Queen Gondola up Aspen Mountain and enjoy a picnic at the summit.

Autumn (Fall)

For a lot of people, Autumn (also known as Fall) is the favorite time of year because of the palette of magical rustic tones. At this time of year, Aspen has a fantastic Saturday market, where you can purchase many handcrafted goods. Other highlights include a trip to ‘Maroon Bells’, relaxing at Glenwood Springs hot pool, and watching a few films at Aspen Filmfest.