Tuesday Cruiseday: Bikes and Beer

In recent years, craft beer has become increasingly popular, especially in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. A few years ago, I lived in a really trendy suburb of Manchester (England) called Chorlton Green. Effectively, it was a scaled down version of London’s Notting Hill because of the large volume of café bars and restaurants.

At the time, my favorite haunt was a small bistro called ‘Idaho’ that had a fantastic ambience. However, most people frequented this place because it served over four hundred craft beers from all around the world. Some were pretty extraordinary, like a chestnut beer from Corsica and a jalapeño beer from Arizona. There were also many boutique beers from Europe and the United States. Although at this point in time, I don’t think there was any liquid amber on offer from the Aspen Brewing Company.

As I have mentioned in previous articles, there are many great reasons to visit Aspen in Colorado. This vibrant city isn’t just a skiing playground for the rich and famous. There are numerous activities and cultural experience that visitors can enjoy throughout the year.

Tuesday Cruiseday

One of these is a visit to the Aspen Brewing Company. For anyone that enjoys a good tipple, this boutique craft beer producer is an absolute must. Exciting brews include ‘Brown Bearale’ (Silver Series), the silver medal award-winning Brett Barrel Saison (Temerity Series), and various seasonal delights.

As well as being an established craft beer producer, the Aspen Brewing Company also host an event called ‘Tuesday Cruiseday’ which originated in 2012. What originally began as a group of friends commemorating the end of the working week, is now weekly jaunt that is attended by many bike and beer enthusiasts.

Over four hundred energetic riders congregate outside Aspen Brewing Company at 6.30 with sufficient beers and supplies in their baskets. At this stage, they leisurely ride past the Marolt Mining and Ranching Museum. The next stop is a large field near Marolt barn, where revellers can enjoy an artisan beer whilst admiring scenic views of Aspen Mountain. Finally, the journey ends (with a few more beers) at a park located at the base of Smuggler mountain.

Effectively ‘Tuesday Cruiseday’ is a great community bonding event that punctuates the mundanities of the working week. The event now has 1,176 members on Facebook, who all love artisan beer and spectacular scenic sunset views.