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Sky Mountain Park Trails Popular During Aspen’s Rainy Weather

Sky Mountain Park, located between Aspen and Snowmass Village, has become a popular destination for many mountain bikers during Aspen’s recent rainy weather. According to reports, nearly 2.5 inches of rain has already fallen this month, leaving many forest trails as water pools.

Luckily, Sky Mountain Park’s trail has several advantages that make it the perfect destination for mountain bikers, even during this wet time.

Sky Mountain Park’s trail network benefits from low elevation and good overall exposure to the sun. The specially designed trails are also designed to shed water. Add in quick-drying soil and you have the perfect combination for mountain bikers, even if it rains. John Wilkinson, a founding member of the Snowmass Village Trails Committee, states that, “They are virtually dry an hour or two after a deluge, it seems.”

Mountain Biking Aspen
Mountain Biking in Aspen, CO

How to Navigate Sky Mountain Park Trails

When Sky Mountain Park first opened for the season, some riders found Airline Trail to be pretty dry, but the surface had been bumped out from the hooves of elk. This added element requires some adjustments to technique. For example, riders should keep their arms looser and be sure to set their shocks to soft when dealing with the bumpy trail. Keep an eye out for vegetation that has encroached on the single track trail. Overtime, the presence of mountain bikes will smooth the trail out again, as well as widen the surface.

Mountain Biking Adventure
Mountain Biking Adventure

Other Great Advantages of Sky Mountain Park Trails

Sky Mountain Park has a special place in Aspen because it provides a missing link for riders. It has been specially developed to offer several trails that fill the gap between beginner and expert riding. Many of these trails are machine-made, offering specially designed banked turns that create the perfect switchbacks for bikers to climb and sail downhill.

Executive director of the Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association Mike Pritchard stated that while many of the older trails require steep and often technical climbs, the Sky Mountain Park trails offer a wider, smoother and less rocky ride. He concludes that they area “frankly, more fun.”

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