Things To Do in Aspen CO – For the Active Vacationer

White Water Rafting in AspenIf you are an adventurer, you’ve probably dreamt of one day roaring down river rapids as the scenery whips by, water splashes you in the face, and your adrenaline courses through your body. Aspen, Colorado offers many river rafting options for both beginner and pro.

One of our favorite choices is the Roaring Fork River. It offers children 6 years and older, and adults, the opportunity to tackle its famed rapids and have the time of your lives! There are five options to choose from, as provided by Blazing Adventures. They include:

  1. Middle Roaring Fork Duckies – This adventure sees you the master of your very own inflatable kayak and is the ideal introduction to kayaking. You can enjoy this adventure from May through September. You’ll be more than thrilled as you guide your kayak down class II and III water and take in the beautiful scenery. This particular course is restricted to those ages 10 and older.
  2. Upper Roaring Fork – You and children 6-12 will enjoy this one! It is perfect for beginning rafters who want to take in easy to manage white water and enjoy the majestic scenery. We recommend this one for families looking for more of a relaxing, fun-filled adventure. This section is open from May through Mid-June.
  3. Middle Roaring Fork – More roaring fun can be had on this route. It is another great introductory course that takes you through the quaint town of Basalt. You are sure to be enchanted by the scenery as you drift along with your family and friends! This route is open from May to September and the minimum age is 6.
  4. Lower Roaring Fork – Looking for amazing views while rafting? This is the perfect route for views of Mt. Sopris, rock formations and more. You will really get a perfect idea as to Aspen’s beauty as you zip along. It is ideal for beginners, ages 6 and up and offers more than 4 hours of unbridled fun!
  5. Slaughterhouse – Adrenaline junkies beware! You were beginning to think you were going to be left out, didn’t you? This course will take your thought Class IV whitewater that includes the Entrance Exam, Slaughterhouse Falls, “S” Turn, Hells Half Mile and Triple Drop. It equates to 4 hours of screamin’ fun! The minimum age for this adventure is 18, depending on your water level and ability.

Don’t get caught hanging out in your Aspen luxury rentals and miss this adventure and more. Aspen, Colorado offers a host of amazing outdoor activities for the whole family!