Floating Restaurant in Aspen

A Floating Restaurant in Aspen?

new floating restaurant in Aspen CO
New Floating Restaurant in Aspen, CO

Rumor has it that developer Bil Dithigher has laid the foundation for achieving his great grandfather’s former vision of building and opening a restaurant on top of the West Aspen Mountain. While a restaurant atop a mountain sounds fabulous, Dithigher is taking it a step further. His vision for the new restaurant is that of an air ship that floats above the peak of the mountain fondly know as Shadow Mountain. Dithigher wants to dock the large air ship nearly 9,000 feet above Aspen, creating the city’s newest and most interesting hot spot. Sources say that Dithigher is discussing purchasing air space above the city for the new restaurant.

Other reports state that the restaurant will be a familiar one: Outback Steakhouse. Dithigher spoke about the new partnership, stating that “It’s a natural fit, with all the Aussie Ski Bums in town we’ll staff it with tons of authentic characters and fill the bar up with Kiwis just for the fun of it. It will be one hell of a ride.”

Local FAA officials found the idea interesting, stating that it must be an April Fool’s joke. No official word has come out about Dithigher’s plan.

Other Great Eateries in Aspen

While we wait to see if the floating restaurant actually appears in Aspen, there are several other great restaurants you can enjoy while on vacation in Aspen:

  • Eight K at Viceroy Snowmass – This casual and hip fine-dining spot is located in the Viceroy Snowmass hotel and is a showcase for Chef Will Nolan’s southern inspired menu.
  • Main Street Bakery and Café – This hole-in-the-wall local haunt offers great food at a reasonable price. If you enjoy a good breakfast filled with eggs, bacon, bagels or other delicious traditional morning food, this café is for you.
  • Creperie du Village – This tiny, yet extremely romantic, restaurant is a favorite for making diners feel as if they are in the French Alps.

No matter your dining preference, from enjoying steak while floating above the top of a mountain to a tiny, local joint, Aspen has something for you.

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