Tips for Traveling to Aspen Colorado This Winter

From hot air ballooning to fly fishing to skiing, there’s a whole host of reasons to travel to Aspen this winter. For those still planning their trip or just looking for more options, here are a few things to think about.

Arts and Culture

Sometimes, those who travel to Aspen forget that there’s more to the destination than just skiing and snowboarding. Not only are there other adventure sports to look into, but it’s also home to a variety of arts and culture attractions that can really round out a trip. While the Wheeler Opera House and Theatre Aspen don’t perform during the wintertime, the Aspen Art Museum still presents the “newest and most important evolutions in international contemporary art”.

Flickr: Allora & Calzadilla, Hope Hipp-Aspen Art Museum
Flickr: Allora & Calzadilla, Hope Hippo-Aspen Art Museum

Skiing and Snowboarding

Undoubtedly what wintertime Aspen is most well known for. Home to the world-renowned Aspen Snowmass resort, the location has slopes for all skill levels and ages. However, don’t take these activities lightly – make sure to drink plenty of water, update your equipment, and familiarize (or refamiliarize) yourself with the snow before challenging yourself this year!

My Aspen Rental- Tips for Traveling to Aspen Colorado This Winter
Flickr: Sled ‘n Dog

Guided Activities

While skiing headlines the outdoor activities, winter fly fishing and hot air ballooning are other great ways to spend your time in the fresh mountain air. Blazing Adventures provides these and other guided activities like dog sledding tours for individuals and families throughout the winter season. If you’re on the fence about any potential vacation undertakings, consider asking the local experts for help!

Also, the annual 12 Days of Aspen counts down the end of the year and is filled with a variety of activities both free and priced. Past events have included family-friendly events like cookie decorating and Santa visits, as well as pet-inclusive and holiday variations on happy hour.

Enjoy yourself

Most importantly, make sure that your trip speaks to you. It’s important to plan a stay that addresses your needs and interests. Taking time out of your busy schedule to travel to Aspen simply isn’t enough. You have to enjoy it and with My Aspen Rental you can!