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How to gear up for a winter in Aspen

With the first official day of autumn upon us, it’s clearly time to start thinking about winter. When the snow starts to fall, people from far and wide travel to Aspen, Colorado for a winter getaway. For those of you who regularly hit the slopes, packing for your ski trip is a breeze- you may even have a bag already packed and ready to go. But for ski trip virgins, preparing for such a trip seems like a daunting task, which is exactly why we’ve compiled a list of helpful clothing tips that will make your life easier while keeping you warm on the slopes. We know what you may be thinking, but preparing for a ski trip doesn’t have to break the bank. We’ll tell you what is best to borrow and where it might be best to invest:

  1. Helmet: Safety is always first, and it’s no different while flying down mountains covered in snow. We suggest not buying a helmet if you’re not planning on becoming a frequent skier. New ones typically go for about $100, but high end helmets can leave you missing over $200. If you can borrow one that fits your head and is comfortable from a friend or family member, then great, but the most popular option is to rend from the resort or lodge for about $5 a day.
  2. Goggles: Have you heard of snow blindness? If not, it’s okay. Snow blindness occurs at high altitudes when UV rays are more intense and can reflect off of the white snow and straight into your eyes. This is why goggles are so important. Sunglasses can work to an extent, but goggles are more secure and offer more protection. If you can’t borrow a pair from someone, we suggest buying a pair for about $20 or $30.

    Goggles - My Aspen Rental
    Flickr: Heath Alseik
  3. Layers: When out in the snow, layers are key. Typically you want to have about three to four layers.
    1. Starting with the first layer, underwear, we suggest buying a ski specific pair from a sporting goods store since underwear may not be something you want to borrow.
    2. The base layer is extremely important. A clothing item made of wool works best- you might even already own something that would work.
    3. The mid layer comes next. We recommend a fleece jacket that zips so it can be easily removed if it gets too hot.
    4. The jacket is one of the most important components of your outfit, next to the pants. A waterproof jacket is a necessity, but make sure it is not too snug in order to allow room for your other layers. Borrowing or renting a jacket is ideal, since they can get rather expensive.

      Ski Jacket - My Aspen Rental
      Flickr: Impossible Imports
  4. Pants: Your pants will be coming in contact with the most snow, so a good pair is pertinent. Borrowing, renting, or finding a second hand store that has them for cheap is the best way to make sure you don’t break the bank. Brand new pants can cost a pretty penny. Make sure to wear pants that are made from a waterproof material.
  5. Gloves: Don’t underestimate the power of gloves. You want to avoid frostbite at all costs, especially on areas of your body that are prone to frostbite like your hands and fingers. Insulated gloves made of leather are a popular choice, but they can get pretty expensive so we recommend finding a less expensive pair for about $25.

    Ski Gloves - My Aspen Rental
    Flickr: Emi Yañez
  6. Socks: Like gloves, socks can be easily overlooked- but take care not too. Ski specific socks work best, but make sure that you find some that fit well because no one wants to be constantly pulling up their socks. Be sure not to buy wool socks, they’ll get wet and stay wet.
  7. Boots: The wrong pair of boots can make or break your skiing experience, so we suggest renting a pair from the resort or lodge. The professionals there will be able to best help you find the appropriate boots.

Hitting the slopes is an amazing experience, and we want you to call My Aspen Rental home when you visit Aspen, Colorado.