Why Entertainers and High Profile Individuals Prefer Vacation Rentals in Aspen

The growing trend within the world of travel is Aspen luxury vacation rentals for superstars and high profile individuals. For instance, when Michele Obama and her girls visited Aspen, Colorado during the 2012 winter, they chose to stay in a private home. There are many reasons as to why movie stars, artists, politicians, and other are staying in Aspen rentals over hotels:

  • Privacy is Everything! – An Aspen home rental provides the perfect environment for spending time with family and friends without being under the microscope. Estate rentals often come equipped with full kitchens, multiple bedrooms, dining room, and entertaining areas. This way it is possible to get out on the slopes or into nature during the day and find complete privacy when returning home.
  • Entertaining Opportunities are Endless – Rather than holding high-profile parties in the middle of town, Aspen rentals allow for unlimited entertainment opportunities that can include black-tie events, barbecues, and more. It is possible to rent properties with expansive backyards that can accommodate party tents, dance floors, and other party elements.
  • Close to Ski Resorts – Aspen rentals can be located right on or next to the slopes. Thus, high profile individuals can pre-pay their ski pass, put on their ski hats, and head out for a day of skiing without being noticed.
  • Unlimited Equipment Storage – For those with all sorts of toys including motorcycles, snowmobiles, skis, snowboards, etc., home rentals can provide garage space to accommodate it all. Plus, all equipment tends to be quite secure in such an environment.

When staying within a traditional hotel, there are many limitations for high profile men and women. The same is true for everyday individuals and families. Aspen Rentals provide the opportunity for you to call the shots and have the vacation of a lifetime.

For more information on Aspen home rentals, VRBO Aspen is an excellent source of information. You can book your upcoming trip quite easily. Why live with the limitations of a traditional hotel when you can enjoy the comfort of a luxury rental?