Glenwood Springs

Until I reached the ripe old age of 45, most of life was spent residing in Northern cities in England. Certainly, this was a great experience as I enjoyed the vibrant nightlife of Manchester and all of its cultural amenities. However, as I spent my childhood living by the sea, there was always a sense of longing.

That is why I love South Australia, and in particular the beach life. I have always gravitated towards the water, and it is always a factor in the holiday I choose. For the aquatic-minded like myself, I highly recommend you visit the magnificent Glenwood Springs in Colorado that boasts the World’s Largest Hot Springs Pool.

Glenwood Springs

Like most people, I had heard of Glenwood Springs but didn’t know much about its heritage. Apparently, Ute Native Americans discovered these mineral-rich springs, which were later claimed by Walter Horace, James Devereux, and a group of British investors around 1880. In 1888, these entrepreneur’s harnessed 3.5 million gallons of naturally hot mineral water to create the World’s Largest Hot Springs Pool.

It is amazing to think that therapeutic spring waters crammed full of minerals have been bubbling under the Earth’s core for millions of years. The Ute Native Americans coined the phrase ‘Yampah’ which literally means “Big Medicine.” Nowadays, Glenwood Springs (located between Aspen and Vail) is a luxury resort that doesn’t even resemble its humble origins. This amazing sanctuary offers clients a variety of standard and premium rooms, and there is also the option to splurge on one of the resort’s opulent suites.

As I am writing this review I can still visualise the sensation of plunging in this mammoth Hot Springs Pool. The temperature is regulated at a pleasant 90°- 93° F for the main pool and 104° F in the smaller therapy pool. Just imagine soaking in those invigorating minerals that soothe muscle and joint pain…