The Ultimate Adventure: Paragliding in Aspen Colorado!

Are you looking for a unique adventure that will allow for you to get a birds-eye view of Aspen, Colorado? Aspen Paragliding is now offering the daring a chance to soar with the eagles and glide over mountain peaks.

Located at 426 South Spring Street in Aspen, the company offers tandem flights for $225 and includes a ride in a comfy 4×4 to launch sites from downtown. This is perfect for those staying in Aspen vacation rentals, as the Aspen Paragliding office is within walking distance.

First-timers are welcome and will be assigned a professional USHPA Certified Tandem Pilot with plenty of experience in soaring over Aspen. If you aren’t completely sure what a paraglider is, it is an aircraft that fits within the confines of a backpack. Its lightweight and aerodynamic nature makes for an easy takeoff from mountainsides and gentle slopes. All that is required is a few running steps and you will be swept up into the sky with your personal pilot.

Curious as to what you need to wear when paragliding in Aspen? Aspen Paragliding recommends wind chill protection and footwear with ankle support (such as hiking boots or high top tennis shoes). It can get a bit chilly at high altitudes, which makes the layering of clothing a great idea. As for the technical gear (including helmet, harness, and parachute), Aspen Paragliding will provide you with exactly what you need.

You are welcome to enjoy the adventure on your own or bring your family and friends along. All participants must be 5-years-old and older. It is also recommended that everyone in your party be of good health and injury free.

Looking for an Aspen luxury vacation rental? There are many amazing properties that are just walking or driving distance from a paragliding adventure. Check out Aspen VRBO to find one that fits the needs of your family or group of friends.

For more information on Aspen Paragliding, call 970-925-6975. Depending on the season, scheduled flight times include 6:45am, 8:30am, 10:30am, and 5pm.

Happy soaring!!