A Closer Look at the John Denver Sanctuary

Like most people that I know, music is a key component of my life. Every day, I walk several miles (immersed in my own world) with my noise-cancelling headphones on. This helps me to relax and devise concepts for books, magazine articles, etc. Music is also now used in various clinical trials, and in particular for Alzheimer’s sufferers. Magically, our favorite tunes can transport us back in time, and even evoke special memories. That is why it is particularly nice to find a sanctuary in Aspen that is dedicated to the legendary singer/songwriter, John Denver.

John Denver

John Denver (born Henry John Deutschendorf Jr.) was one of America’s most acclaimed recording artists, selling over 33 million records worldwide. During his career, he released approximately 300 songs. He also was an actor, activist, humanitarian, and record producer. Tragically, his life was cut short at the youthful age of 53, and that is why the sanctuary in Aspen is a perfect tribute to his immense talent.

Normally when people visit Aspen, it is to enjoy the world-class ski runs and vibrant nightlife. However, as I have explained in previous articles, Aspen is much, much more than just a winter destination. During summer months, tourist can enjoy many pursuits like mountain biking, hiking, and kayaking. There are also many historic architectural buildings and a phenomenal modern art museum. For those who enjoy peace, tranquillity, and reflection time, visiting the John Denver Sanctuary is an absolute prerequisite.

The John Denver Sanctuary

Situated next to the Rio Grande Park in the heart of Aspen, the John Denver Sanctuary is an ideal place to visit during late May or early June. This is when the gardens start blooming, and the sanctuary becomes a perfect venue for weddings. Tourist’s from around the globe flock to this retreat to remember the legendary singer and celebrates his impressive legacy.

The Song Garden is the main attraction, as it displays native river boulders (positioned in a circular formation) that are etched with lyrics from the some of John Denver’s most famous songs. Other highlights include man-made wetlands and relaxing streams. Certainly, this is a natural choice for those who enjoy meditation and lazy afternoon picnics.