The Best Ski Areas in Aspen

Over the years, I have met many people who will travel to the far corners of the globe to find the best skiing resorts. In a previous article, I mentioned destinations like Whistler Blackcomb (Canada), Zermatt (Switzerland) Val d’Isere (France) and Niseko. All of these resorts offer five-star facilities and state of the art equipment. They are also suitable for all skill levels including beginner, intermediate and advanced. However, in the same review, I mentioned Aspen, which takes luxury to a whole new level.

One of my favourite topics to write about is architecture and properties in general. That is why a city like Aspen is so fascinating to write about. This picturesque area is situated in a remote region of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Even though Aspen was originally a mining camp during the Colorado Silver Boom, it is now one most sought after locations in the world. Primarily, it is associated with winter sports and in particular, skiing activities. To illustrate this point, here are some of the most popular ski areas in Asen.

Aspen Mountain

Aspen Mountain (affectionately called Ajax by locals) is located above Aspen and is 11,212 feet (3,417 metres) high. It was discovered by Walter Paepcke 73 years ago (in 1946) and is the smallest of the four ski areas. However, from Silver Queen Gondola (near the summit) enthusiasts can enjoy breathtaking views of the entire city.

Aspen Highlands

Aspen Highlands was originally developed by Aspen resident, Whip Jones in 1958 and is now owned/operated by the Aspen Skiing Company. The mountain is synonymous with its intense steep skiing trails. Possibly the most attractive feature is Highland Bowl, which can only be accessed by hiking to Loke Peak.


Buttermilk is considered to be one the easiest ski areas of the main four, and elevates to a height of 9,900 feet (3,000 metres). It comprises three ski areas: Tiehack (advanced), Main Buttermilk (intermediate), and West Buttermilk (beginner). Impressively, the base (The Hideout) also hosts activities for children ages 2 ½ to 6 years old.


Snowmass is situated in Snowmass Village near Aspen and is the largest of the four ski areas, spanning 3,128 acres. This area is renowned for being family friendly because of its numerous restaurants and cafes. However, it also has some challenging runs that are designed for the most extreme ski fanatics.